We Want to be Your Strategic Resource!

Educate and Advocate for Retention of Your Talented Workforce

A company's most valuable asset is likely its workforce.
Attracting and retaining your key talent is often critical to sustained
success and growth.

Pension and benefits plans may not be standard in today's economy;
factors other than salary can have a significant impact
on the attractiveness of an employer.

Cultivating employee awareness and understanding of
their benefits can be a pivotal piece of employee retention.

Our finanical professionals can provide education and employer-provided benefit
awareness, helping your team understand the value added to their
total compensation by your organization.


Blue Bear Financial's goal is to provide your business with cost-effective
workforce benefit solutions; enhancing employee consciousness and
appreciation of the financial security your organization provides.

Review & Compare Plans

We work with you to review and compare plans;
offering recommendations and solutions backed by our industry experience.
Our experience can help design a strategy aligned
with your organization's needs and goals.

Set up a time for a consultation and let us
earn a place at your table of experienced professionals.

*Compensation will vary based on the services offered and will be discussed with you prior to offering any services.